Partner Fees

BCTG is a Main Provider, offering employers a One Stop Shop to support their skills needs.

We have a direct contractual relationship with every employer, and in the case of Apprenticeships, directly deliver training in core elements of each employer’s programme.

Where requested by the employer, we work with Partner Providers to ensure we provide the technical skills and geographical capacity to fully meet their needs.


BCTG retains a proportion of the funding agreed with the employer to meet the costs of our own training delivery. For Apprenticeships, Partner Providers are funded at the value agreed with each employer. For all other programmes, Partners are funded at the rate agreed with BCTG.

We will usually retain a maximum of 20% of the funding to meet our costs of Apprenticeship learning delivery and programme quality assurance. Our Partner Fees Policy explains how this is applied across different types of programme.

We are committed to continually improving the quality of every programme we offer. We do this by supporting and developing our Partners. Examples of this include

  • Apprenticeship Improvement Programme
  • English & maths staff development
  • Employer Marketing Material
  • Employer Telemarketing Campaigns
  • Subsidised DBS Applications
  • Designated Safeguarding Officer Training
  • Employer Recruitment via The Apprenticeship Works
  • Health & Safety Training and Consultant Support
  • Learner Recruitment via The Apprenticeship Works
  • Support to develop Learner Voice Strategies
  • Preparation for External Inspection and/or audit
  • Quality Consultant Support
  • Safeguarding Training & Consultancy
  • Sales & Consultative Selling Training
  • Self-Assessment & Quality Improvement Support