Tailored Skills Solutions

BCTG is able to offer a range of programmes tailored to suit individual company needs. Both the content and delivery can be customised to meet specific requirements.

Identifying Employers Needs

Our Business Development Advisors work with you to undertake an Organisation Needs Analysis to help determine company development needs, and the bottom line benefits that will bring.


Tailored Packages

Once the skills needs are clear, our Advisors then identify a range of potential training solutions, as well as any funding that may be available to help offset the costs.

This could include looking at things like Apprenticeships, standalone Vocational Certificates and Diplomas or bespoke courses where we jointly design the content with you.

Throughout, you remain in charge. You choose the best solution to meet your needs.

Programmes are customised to meet your specific requirements, for example;

  • Delivery at your premises at a time to fit in with shift patterns
  • Out of hours sessions in the evening or at weekends
  • Customising the course content to reflect your own systems and processes
  • Using industry specialists to provide the most up to date and detailed information as possible

BCTG want to build long term relationships with our employers by consistently providing high quality flexible solutions to their development needs.

So our Advisors keep in regular contact throughout the training to ensure everything exceeds your expectations, and at the end will help identify any new development needs.

And finally, we recognise that we can always improve and therefore we appreciate all comments and feedback, so we may from time to time contact you to collect feedback and measure the impact of our training.

Need more information?

e: enquiries@bctg.org.uk

Taking That First Step

Our experience is in supporting, developing and working with Individuals and Employers to deliver the best learning solutions possible.

If you think this could be for you simply fill in our enquiry form and one of our Advisers will get in touch. There's no commitment or obligation, simply your chance to find out more.

Or contact us on enquiries@bctg.org.uk or 0121 544 6455