Fairer Britain

Fairer Britain

Tackling extremism from the classroom to the workplace and instilling British values of mutual respect came under the spotlight at a Fairer Britain conference held in Walsall.

Training organisations, schools and colleges across the Black Country attended the event, which focused on how they can prepare apprentices and young people not just for work but also for life in modern multi-cultural Britain so they can contribute positively to society. 

Speakers included Dudley North MP Ian Austin, whose constituency has recently seen unprecedented numbers of far right protest marches in Dudley over a proposed new mosque.

Also speaking was Inspector Jonathan Peepall, from West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit, Dr Carl Chinn and Ninder Johal President of Black Country Chamber of Commerce.

Ian Austin told the audience: "We need to make people think about what it is to be British. It is not about religion or the colour of your skin but it is about how you behave and what positive contribution you make to the country.

 "It is never more so important than now to promote values of tolerance, democracy and freedom. We hold citizenship ceremonies for people coming to our country maybe we should also introduce citizenship ceremonies for young people to be clear about the values we uphold in Britain.”

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