Advanced Learner Loans Fees Policy

Further education learners who are aged 19 or over and enrolling on designated Level 3 or higher courses may not qualify for ESFA funding, if they already hold a Level 3 qualification or above.

If this is this case, you will, in most cases be able to apply for an Advanced Learner Loan up to a maximum value as set by the ESFA to contribute towards the total cost of your chosen qualification as agreed and set in your Learning and Funding Information Letter.

This document is intended to act as a single reference source for course and associated fees, payment arrangements, financial support and rules for Advanced Learning Loans for the 2022/23 year to ensure a consistent and transparent approach of clear guidance on fees and charges. The content of this policy should be used as a main source of guidance for learners, parents, employers, delivery staff, learner support staff and enrolment staff.