Off The Job Training Myths

During their Apprenticeship, your Apprentice will receive two different types of training. ‘Off-the-job’ training is delivered by BCTG during your apprentice's normal working hours.

This training will teach your Apprentice the knowledge, skills and behaviours set out in the Apprenticeship Standard so they can achieve occupational competence.

‘On-the-job’ training will be delivered by you, as the employer. You'll need to give your apprentice training and supervision to help them perform the job you've hired them for.

Off-The-Job Training

Off-The-Job Training

By the end of their programme, Apprentices must have spent 20% of their working hours completing off-the-job training. Its highly flexible and doesn’t have to mean one day out of the workplace every week.

For example, training could take place:

  • Online, using our Canvas online learning platform
  • At the apprentice’s place of work
  • At one of our Training Centres
  • Or a combination of these.

The frequency can vary, but it will always be flexible to fit in with your business and meet the needs of the Apprentice. At the start of the programme we will agree how and when the Off the Job Training will be delivered. And this can change and evolve as they move through the programme.

Taking That First Step

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