Employer Hub

Thank you for choosing BCTG to provide training for your business and welcome to our Employer Hub.

The is the one stop shop for all the information you will need to plan and organise training for your employees.

Employer Hub 001

The Hub Contains Important Details About

  • Funding including the Apprenticeship Levy and the support available for Small & medium Sized Businesses
  • Our agreement with you as the employer of Apprentices, and our commitment to support you and your Apprentices
  • An example of the agreement we will put in place with each Apprentice to agree the training they will receive
  • Examples of the information we will provide to each one of your Apprentices at the start and during their training
  • Your commitments in relation to Health & Safety, Equality and Safeguarding and how we will support these

The Hub also contains useful information to help you and your staff make the most of the training available. We produce a number of publications for employers and Apprentices that explain your rights and responsibilities throughout the programme. These can be found at the various links below.

Contacting Us

As an employer you will receive a welcome email from us that contains links to the key information you will need. Your Apprenticeship Employer Agreement confirms all the details of the programme, and who you need to contact here at BCTG.


Your comments and those of your staff are key in helping improve the quality, effectiveness and impact of the training we provide. We measure how our training helps individuals as well as the wider business.

We may contact you at various stages during the programme to get your feedback on key part of the programme, however in the meantime if you wish to comment on a specific aspect, please email enquiries@bctg.org.uk.

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