Managed Services

The Apprenticeship Reforms present an opportunity for many Training Providers and employers to directly access, for some for the first time, Government funds to support their Apprentice training.

At the same time the need to meet detailed Funding Rules, Audit requirements and Ofsted Inspection has never been greater.

This can present a serious reputational and financial risk to any organisation taking on this responsibility.

For some Providers and employers the size of their programme simply doesn’t justify the initial cost and overheads of having your own in-house systems and dedicated staff to manage a SFA contract. Let alone the senior management time needed to keep up with the complexities and changes to Funding Rules. 

As an independent Lead Provider we have over fifteen years’ experience of successfully managing large SFA, EFA and ESF contracts. In 2015/16, we managed over 6500 Apprenticeships, 1200 AEB Learners and 300 EFA learners on behalf of thirty five Providers.

This experience, along with audit tested systems and processes means we are able to offer a complete Back Office Service that ensures compliance with SFA contract requirements. This leaves you free to focus on providing quality delivery, supporting your learners and running your business. 

We support all the key aspects of successfully managing Apprenticeship Contracts;

  • Quality checking and data input for monthly uploads
  • Profiling and forecasting your funding income and collecting employer contributions
  • Giving you all your real time Performance and Success Rate data via a simple online dashboard
  • Access to an integrated e-portfolio for every learner, linked to your live data through a single system
  • Providing you with Audit compliant paperwork, training your staff and updating any changes
  • Your own dedicated Relationship Manager and staff to provide on-site support during audit and inspection
  • Regular policy updates, highlighting business critical information
  • Frequent staff training and CPD to help prepare you for Ofsted Inspection

 Service costs are competitive and often cheaper than in-house systems, as you only pay for the actual number of Apprentices we manage. That way you minimise your costs, without compromising standards.

Download our Managed Services directory to see what's included, then for more information contact us on enquiries@bctg.org.uk. 



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