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Give Us Your Feedback!


We are keen to ensure that all the training offered by BCTG and its partners fully meet the needs and expectations of learners and employers.

To do this we need your feedback on what has worked well, and the areas that needed improvement. We try to collect this feedback in several ways, for instance by telephone, by email or though an online questionnaire. 

We may call you directly to get your feedback. If we do this, please remember that our staff members will always introduce themselves by name and explain why they are calling. We will always keep the calls short, usually only a few minutes, but if it's inconvenient to talk, please tell us straight away and we will arrange a better time to call back.

If you do not want BCTG to contact you regarding your training, or if we have the wrong contact details, please let us know immediately on 0845 873 3855 or email us on enquiries@bctg.org.uk.

As part of this follow up work, you may also be contacted by other organisations such as the Education & Skills Funding Agency (ESFA), the organisation who funds the training, who are also interested in your views.



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