A new partnership with The Apprenticeship Works

And thanks to a new partnership with The Apprenticeship Works taking on apprentices has been made a great deal easier for Julie benefitting both her business and unemployed young people.

She said: "When Andrew and I took over the business four years ago we saw the real need to develop a younger workforce who could learn valuable skills from our existing staff.

"I firmly believe we have a responsibility as employers to not only bring younger people into the industry but to also equip them with the right skills. Here at Carrs we have developed a skills matrix so that we ensure the right skills and levels of skill mix in our employees.”

And among the latest to join the 30-strong workforce at the steel stock holders in Coneygree Road, is 22-year-old Hadyn Johnson.

Hadyn is the first apprentice the company has taken on through The Apprenticeship Works model.

The Apprenticeship Works, which has its office in West Bromwich, acts as a broker and is one of only 13 government-backed brokerage schemes in the country.

Apprentices are employed by the agency with the employer paying a small weekly contribution and not having any of the worry of paperwork, HR or training costs.

It works along side Job Centre staff in finding apprenticeships for young people who are unemployed or not in training or education.

Hadyn said: "I left school at 16 and got a job at a butchers where I worked until being made redundant earlier this year.

"I got in touch with The Apprenticeship Works who were really helpful and who found this apprenticeship for me. I am now learning new skills and will get NVQ Level two qualifications in warehousing and distribution and hopefully a full time job at the end of it.”

Julie said: "The Apprenticeship Works model is great for us because it means we can offer real work to young people without being burdened by paperwork that goes with it. We hope at the end of the apprenticeship we will be able to offer Hadyn a job and invest in the future of our business.”

Chris Luty, director at sister company BCTG which established The Apprenticeship Works, said: "Unlike traditional skills and recruitment agencies The Apprenticeship Works provides a highly cost effective, flexible way of recruiting temporary and full time employees.

"Compared to the typical recruitment agency fees, an Agency Apprentice can save an employer two thirds of the cost. Every apprentice receives top-up training from their local training provider to develop their skills and to complete their apprenticeship programme.

"There are no strings attached, an employer takes an apprentice for as long as they need, and if they do want to take them on full time, there's no fees, no hassle and no pressure.

"All our apprentices are employed directly by the agency and are selected based on the skills and experience the company needs, so every employer can be sure of getting what they need.

"And for the young person it means a good start on their career ladder. All apprentices are employed and receive a real wage. Every young person still gets the high quality, employment-based training they can usually expect from an apprenticeship programme.”


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