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An Apprenticeship is a way for young people and adult learners to earn while they learn in a real job, gaining a real qualification and a real future. Hiring apprentices helps businesses to grow their own talent by developing a motivated, skilled and qualified workforce.

Apprenticeships are available in a wide range of industry sectors at Intermediate, Advanced and Higher (degree) level, covering more than 170 industries and 1500 job roles, from advertising to youth work via environmental engineering and nuclear decommissioning.

Most of the training is on-the-job at an employer’s premises, working with a mentor to learn job specific skills in the workplace. Off-the-job training is provided by BCTG or one of its partners and may be delivered in the workplace or through day or block release at premises away from the working environment.



Recruit an Apprentice

If you're looking for an Apprentice, we offer a free, simple recruitment service that will find you the right person. You can employ the Apprentice directly, or use our Nationally Approved Apprentice Training Agency.

The Apprenticeship Works has a skilled team of recruitment and training professionals that help identify your skills needs. Your vacancy needs are matched to a range of Apprentices, you have the final choice.

The Apprenticeship Works employs all its own Apprentices, so you can be sure that we only offer the most suitable applicants. This saves you time and money compared to recruiting directly.

The Apprenticeship Works is highly cost effective, typically you pay around £400 per week for recruitment agency staff, with us it's just £160.

The Apprenticeship Works is straightforward. No long term commitment required, and unlike ordinary recruitment agencies, no penalties if you employ the individual directly.

So what’s the Difference?

  • Cost Effective - Choosing a skilled experienced Apprentice will save you around two thirds against typical recruitment agency fees
  • No lengthy commitment - unlike other Apprenticeship programmes you don't need to commit to a long assignment or to directly employ the Apprentice
  • No strings attached - if you do decide to take on any Apprentice you won't be hit by any fees or charges

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